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Short Stories for 8/27

Hello Literacy Book Club! For our next Book Club meeting we will read some short stories together (and we can also vote on watching White Fang, too!) The Short Stories for August 27 are: Lamb to the Slaughter by Roald Dahl There Will Come Soft Rains by Ray Bradbury They're Made Out of Meat by Terry Bisson There are also a few typos in "Lamb," and they are: "So there it is," he added. "And I know it's kind of a bad time to be telling you, bet [' but' ] there simply wasn't any other way. Of course I'll give you money and see you're looked after."  She carried the meat into the kitchen, placed it in a pan, turned the oven on high, and shoved t [ 'it' ] inside. Then she washed her hands and ran upstairs to the bedroom. She sat down before the mirror, tidied her hair, touched up her lops [ 'lips' ] and face. She tried a smile. It came out rather peculiar. She tried again. She told how she'd put t

Book Club Survey

Help us choose our next book! Pick your top three by commenting below and then we'll choose the top pick.